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This drawing captures the feeling of being on the brink on something, like when a performer steps on stage. A song? A speech? A smile? Whatever it is it will be better than sitting in the dark so we clap. There is something special about that moment of anticipation. Check out the full size image and let me know what you think.


Judge watercolor


A small (3×3 inch) watercolor.



Another small quick watercolor. A study for a later piece.



Here are a couple studies for a work in progress. I am starting to really enjoy watercolor!


I realize it has been some time since my last post. I have been working on life drawing and most of it is not worth putting on the internet. So please hang on and don’t unsubscribe ( if there is anyone actually subscribed….) there will be more monsters and illustrative imaginings soon.



My entry for the New Yorker’s 6th Annual Eustace Tilley Contest. See Here!


This is a gig poster I just finished for a friend of mine. His band will be performing at the New Parish in Oakland. I had lots of fun tapping into my inner scrooge for this poster.

Spent my one day weekend listening to some awesome swing and blues on the radio.

Sometimes you have to get to work on time.


Above are my first attempts at silkscreen. I took a class at Kala and am excited to learn more about the process.

Below are some funky iPhone pictures of where I have been drawing/house sitting and my usual doodling situation.