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A demo I did for a class on combining traditional drawing with digital color. I will post the PDF document I made in the next few days.

Open Mic1


A quick drawing from an upcoming project.


I recently discovered the music of Sarah Jarosz. Her voice is beautiful and haunting. Here is one of the songs I have been listening to over and over.

Shankhill Butchers is another of her songs and was begging for a drawing. Give it a listen here. It feels like a Grimm fairy tale. I would love to see some other people’s interpretations of the Shankhill Butchers.



This drawing captures the feeling of being on the brink on something, like when a performer steps on stage. A song? A speech? A smile? Whatever it is it will be better than sitting in the dark so we clap. There is something special about that moment of anticipation. Check out the full size image and let me know what you think.

Spent my one day weekend listening to some awesome swing and blues on the radio.

I’ve been listening to Blues since the beginning of my earliest memories. The simplicity and pure expressiveness of the genre is intensely beautiful.¬†Ever since I was a kid the Blues has been grumbling about in my head, singing with a voice like the bottom of a cement mixer.