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I would like to start working with some imaginative writers who would be willing to write to my drawings and let me illustrate their stories. Know anyone who would want to be a part of a project like that?

To Be...Or Not


Trying to get some drawings together for a little zine/sketchbook. Would anyone be interested in getting one if I print them?


A quick drawing I did in a cafe before going to see Skyfall! (I highly recommend seeing the latest 007 film)


Old man winter has arrived.

Here are a pair of unrelated little thumbnails I was playing around with this weekend. More to come.

I have been very busy lately as my life and the seasons are changing. A doodle in progress that I have squeezed in around the edges of the madness.

For some reason this doodle feels like it should be called “Lust.”



Some of the goings on in my sketchbook this week.



There is always a bigger fish…to fry.

A few quick drawings.