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I just successfully moved to NYC from California for the School of Visual Art’s Illustration as Visual Essay MFA program! There should be more work as soon as I am fully settled. In the meantime here is a watercolor meant to be an interior illustration for Roald Dahl’s novel James and the Giant Peach.¬†There are two more of these that I may post at a later date.


A personal project I just finished up.

Piano Player

A personal project loosely based on a small watercolor I did some time back.


A demo I did for a class on combining traditional drawing with digital color. I will post the PDF document I made in the next few days.

Open Mic1


A quick drawing from an upcoming project.

Bird Shapes Sailor

Happy holidays to everyone! I am planning on printing softcover books of my sketches in the next few months. I will be taking orders in the near future. All the best in the new year.


The last class assignment. A portrait of Neil Gaiman. Not a perfect likeness but I think it matches the mood of his story telling.

The Thing I Miss Most(Crop)

Long Dark Night

tree and butterflies

A few older drawings that were too large to scan before I found out about the wonders of Photoshop’s photomerge.

Cone Head

My show “Pecking Order” at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream was a huge success! I sold every piece in the exhibition! Thank you to everybody who came out for the opening reception and stopped by during the course of the show.

Out on a limb



Cold feet



Mock me if you dare