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I recently discovered the music of Sarah Jarosz. Her voice is beautiful and haunting. Here is one of the songs I have been listening to over and over.

Shankhill Butchers is another of her songs and was begging for a drawing. Give it a listen here. It feels like a Grimm fairy tale. I would love to see some other people’s interpretations of the Shankhill Butchers.


I realize it has been some time since my last post. I have been working on life drawing and most of it is not worth putting on the internet. So please hang on and don’t unsubscribe ( if there is anyone actually subscribed….) there will be more monsters and illustrative imaginings soon.


I know Alice in Wonderland is all the rage these days but I have to give some major respect to “Wonderland” written by Tommy Kovac and illustrated by Sonny Liew. Beautifully drawn and cleverly spun. Worth a look.


I have been reading Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo since I was a kid. Throughout his journeys Usagi has encounters with all sorts of Yokai (spirits and demons from Japanese folklore). These encounters are treated with the same vivid attentions as any of Usagi’s more historically aligned experiences. Forces that are unexplained or unseen can have great importance for the relation of imagination and reality. In the Usagi books the lack of separation between demon presence and reality has always been inspiring and reassuring to me.  The second drawing is my version of a Kappa.

Hayo Miyazaki brings wonderful art and beautiful ideas into the world. Here is a little fan art.


Thought I would include the borders to hint at the size of the drawing. Most square drawings are in a 5.5×5.5 in sketchbook.