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I just successfully moved to NYC from California for the School of Visual Art’s Illustration as Visual Essay MFA program! There should be more work as soon as I am fully settled. In the meantime here is a watercolor meant to be an interior illustration for Roald Dahl’s novel James and the Giant Peach. There are two more of these that I may post at a later date.


A watercolor for my wonderful friend Yoshi. The characters are from an ongoing project of his called Dinosaur Coffee. Check out his blog.

What Faces Can't Tell You


An editorial illustration in response to Lisa Feldman Barrett’s Op-Ed “What Faces Can’t Tell Us” in the New York Times. There is a great illustration by Olympia Zagnoli to actually go with the article. Someday 🙂

Open Mic1


A quick drawing from an upcoming project.

Bird Shapes Sailor

Happy holidays to everyone! I am planning on printing softcover books of my sketches in the next few months. I will be taking orders in the near future. All the best in the new year.


The last class assignment. A portrait of Neil Gaiman. Not a perfect likeness but I think it matches the mood of his story telling.

Forgery Linework

A class assignment and an different process. Editorial illustration for Blake Gopnik’s New York Times Op-Ed “In Praise of Art Forgeries”.


Another class assignment. The prompt was Richard Brody’s New Yorker review of the movie Gravity.

Cone Head

My show “Pecking Order” at Tara’s Organic Ice Cream was a huge success! I sold every piece in the exhibition! Thank you to everybody who came out for the opening reception and stopped by during the course of the show.

Out on a limb



Cold feet



Mock me if you dare




Wolf compilation


A few quick drawings for a class at CCA of the wolf in the three little pigs story. I think he and I would see eye to eye when it comes to bacon.