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A watercolor for my mother’s birthday.

Judge watercolor


A small (3×3 inch) watercolor.

drawings drawings_0002

Two character drawings from recently. I am particularly into the “I heart grapes” belt buckle on the modern day Bacchus.

myles card_crop

Happy Birthday Myles!! I miss you. Have a good day and good luck on your finals. Can’t wait to see you during break.

A personal post for the best little brother out there.



Another small quick watercolor. A study for a later piece.



A small (2×3 inch) watercolor thumbnail for another work in progress. This is how I imagine a friend of mine playing classical piano music will sound on a grand piano.



Here are a couple studies for a work in progress. I am starting to really enjoy watercolor!

Life Drawing compilation


Here are some of the drawings I have been doing in cafes on BART and in the park. Thanks to all the people that gave me a smile and not a dirty look when you noticed I was drawing you. More drawings coming soon.