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Occasionally it feels like we are all playing roles set before us by external forces. Our existence is driven into motion by the powers of culture, commerce, society, family, expectations and necessity (to name a few.) If we cut our strings in the hopes of living outside of the forces driving our movement through life would we find freedom? Would we fall flat and lifeless without their support?



Some of the goings on in my sketchbook this week.



There is always a bigger fish…to fry.

I just returned from Europe. While I was there I managed to visit a number of amazing museums like the Louvre, the Leopold, the Albertina, the d’Orsay and several others. There really is nothing like seeing powerful art in person. The printed reproduction cannot begin to express the experience of standing before the works in these institutions.

Sketchbooks are a place to stash ideas and work things out. I recently realized that I have been posting sketches that have been cropped or isolated. Here are two pages that give a little more of the natural process through which characters or drawings evolve.