Archives for the month of: November, 2011

A few quick drawings.

Thanksgiving leftovers have me spending more time than usual in the kitchen.

A sketch of a toaster and the drawing that led to the lino block in my previous post.

Yet another cellphone photo. A linoleum block I just finished. I will post the print when I find a press to use. A bulging refrigerator seems fitting for the day after thanksgiving.

A few weeks ago I saw a snippet of The History of the Banjo on PBS narrated by Steve Martin. This seems to be a lingering symptom of that experience.

A cellphone photo of a larger drawing I just finished. Based on childhood memories.

This post features a drawing of a fox as a crafty way of drawing your attention to a healthy dose of unrelated inspiration from a fantastic illustrator. Coquillaud Lilian is a french illustrator who has absolutely blown my mind. If you know what is good for you will hot-foot-it to his blog and watch this video.

Creepy looking. Right?

Not the kind of individual I would want pining away after me.

I don’t have enough to say about each of these sketches to give each it’s own post.

This is an appropriate time to post a photograph. This drawing is the first in which I have drawn something based on a experience documented through photography. People are always suggesting that I incorporate my photography into my drawings and my drawings into my photographs. They are still separate entities but it is a step in that direction.

More of my photographs can be found on my website.

I know Alice in Wonderland is all the rage these days but I have to give some major respect to “Wonderland” written by Tommy Kovac and illustrated by Sonny Liew. Beautifully drawn and cleverly spun. Worth a look.