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Hayo Miyazaki brings wonderful art and beautiful ideas into the world. Here is a little fan art.


Thought I would include the borders to hint at the size of the drawing. Most square drawings are in a 5.5×5.5 in sketchbook.

Looking at Corey Godbey’s wonderful illustrations made me want to draw giant trolls for days.

Owls have always fascinated me. I have distinct childhood memories of field trips to a museum where we got to dissect pellets that contained rodent’sĀ skeletons. The deep questioning “who?” by a great horned owl still sends shivers down my spine and makes me smile in the dark.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see this character walking down the street in the financial district.

It has been years since I have drawn on stickers. A stack of postal stickers ended up in my pocket the other day and I finally busted out some Sharpies to take one down.


Note: If you are into this and draw stickers of your own we should swap! Sending postal slips via post? šŸ˜‰

Here is a drawing for the contest on Ermilia’s blog.

Creating tension in the story through juxtaposing the main character’s gifts and disadvantages is intriguing to say the least. Thanks for inviting me to take part.

This drawing could be interpreted in different directions.

For me it is about internships and the job market. For the wider audiences it is a political cartoon of the up coming elections.






A drawing I gave away hoping it would get me an internship at Juxtapoz. Apparently not very effective bribery…




A little romantic blather?

For those who can’t read the text:

The long walk home began and ended in a grass field without wildflowers. Grass whispered like skirts. His path was direct and his thoughts were not. The right words danced from his grasp nimble and flirtatious. She was lovely and he was not. Would wild flowers make a difference when he arrived? Doubts…and more walking. Sunny and brisk. The clouds effortlessly playing charades…heavy…fit for childhood memory. A few birds move in effortless circles. He wondered if birds felt the same awe at the solid state of the ground as he felt for the lightness of those things in flight… Do ants think of me in awe or terror…? The courage of the ants facing the hugeness of the world give him heart…and perspective.